About me

Hello there, thanks for stopping by.  I’m Paula Battle, a UK-based single mother of three. Blogging for me is a hobby, and a place to get my thoughts down in some sort of order.

I love writing, and mostly write for a living, but here I’m doing it for me, writing honestly about the trivial things that occur to me in the wee small hours or the big things that stalk my mental corridors.

I’m Deputy Editor at In the Powder Room a brilliant global site for women to be themselves and talk about the kind of things that we like to talk about. You should visit, it’s very good.

I’m also the parent blogger at Cash is Cool, talking about home budgeting and financial planning for the average family.

If you like what you read here please subscribe, comment and interact, that’s what it’s all about.

If you’re a brand or company looking for bloggers to assist with your marketing, please feel free to contact me with relevant offers.  My children are The Boy Wonder, aged 9, Mouse (girl, age 7) and Monkey (girl, age 5).  I’d be particularly happy to hear from you if you have a BIG car you’d like me to test (and keep), children’s toys and games, plush hotels, spas that are ideal for busy parents who need a break, family holidays for energetic youngsters, and y’know, other nice things.

My reviewing ‘policy’ is:

  • Reviews will always be honest.  That said, I would never review something if I thought from the outset that it wasn’t ‘me’
  • I’ll always be open about the fact that I have been sent or given something for free to review – I believe in absolute transparency
  • I’ll publish links and other relevant information that I think will be of use to my readers

For further information, you can email me.

Important note…

For better or worse this blog and all of it’s contents (unless otherwise noted) are the intellectual property of Paula Battle.   If you’d like to reproduce any of the contents in a commercial publication I’d be delighted, I’d be skipping around telling all my friends and family, but I’d also expect for you to have asked permission first.

Any contravention of this statement will be met with more than a ‘tut tut’ and a visit to the naughty step.